Do We Need To Clean Our Ears

Wax or cerumen is a natural secretion like sweat. It is produced by glands in the skin of the ear canal. A thin film of wax is produced which helps protect our ears.


  1. Wax has antibacterial properties which help prevent growth of organisms in the ear canal.
  2. It is sticky in consistency and so helps intrapping dust particles.
  3. It also prevents drying skin of the outer ear.
  4. Its peculiar odour acts a bug repellent, preventing the bugs from entering the ear when we are sleeping.

Our ears have an inbuilt cleansing mechanism which is on auto mode. Like a conveyor belt the old skin layer covered with a wax film is pushed outwards without our knowledge propelled by movements of the jaw.

Do we need to clean our ears

Another old practice of instilling hydrogen peroxide in the ear is extremely hazardous. It can lead to infections of the ear, heat The common myth is to use Q-tips, ear buds for cleaning. Some are habituated and do it on a daily basis. Actually, using ear buds causes more harm than benefit.


It disrupts the natural cleansing process. It pushes the wax further inside the canal which leads to pain, ear blockage injuries to the skin and ear drum.


In case you feel that your ears are wet you can use a dry cloth for wiping the ear opening. 

Also, if you feel your ears are blocked after a shower, you can try a hair dryer at low setting and holding it at least one feet away from the ear.

The skin of the outer ear is extremely sensitive and prone to painful infections. Strictly no ear buds or any objects like keys, pen, tooth pick, safety pin for cleaning the ears.



If you are facing these issues of pain, itching in the ear, ear blockage, Schedule a consultation with our specialist surgeon Dr. Ajay Doiphode.